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Espe energie alternative esperienza nel settore industriale

Its avant-garde activities span with success in countless strategic areas, from the most traditional energy plants, like the hydroelectric one, to the most innovative technologies, such as the photovoltaic applications. The excellent results achieved and the high-level technologies developed has allowed the Espe Group to create both national and international works, in many Countries such as Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, U.S.A, Spain, Saudi Arabia, and China. In the energy sector, research and growth are continuous and, through different controlled Companies, Espe acts also in the Eastern Europe, in the same fields, where it has recently acquired a set of hydroelectric power plants.


As key areas, the Company activity spans from the industrial to the tertiary sector, and from Alternative Energy Sources to Energy and Power production.

energia elettricaenergia fotovoltaica


Espe is a more than 25 years-experienced company which has a key role in the energy sector, thanks to the synergies and skills of its partner Companies.

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